Chamois Creme :: Lube for your shorts :: Women’s Chamois Cream

Chamois creme, or chamois cream is lube for your shorts. For a primer on Chamois, go here. There aren't truly many Chamois in the world of cycling today, as synthetic materials have taken the place of natural. However, like Xerox and Kleenex, the term sticks as the go to word for the pad in your cycling shorts. As a note: if you are a woman, choose women's specific or … [Read more...]

Girls Only :: Mountain Biking Tips for Girls :: Tip 1

This page is for the Girls, only! So you, young man, click on a link and go find another page! Hi, Girls, I am so glad you are here to learn more about the wonderful world of mountain biking! You can call it a lifestyle, a sport, an extra-curricular activity... call it what you will, the dirt is going to change your life! But let's make sure it changes your life in a good … [Read more...]