Jeff Herring

Jeff Herring's Art of Cross featured in Peloton Magazine's "What We Dig".

Altadena Cyclist-Artist Jeff Herring exudes cyclocross. At first glance, Southern California may not be a hot bed for cyclocross, but Jeff Herring may paint a different picture.

Since around 2005, Herring has created the artwork, trophies– as well as courses– for the SoCal Cross series. With his wife, Dorothy Wong, the two have worked to create one the largest ‘cross series in the Nation.

Jeff’s experience in ‘cross is defined in his art. Dark colors, agonized faces, tumbling bikes and riders, and even the figure of death in the background convey the almost psychotic addiction to cyclocross that so many cyclists struggle with.

Original works by Jeff Herring are available for private viewing and purchase. For more information, contact Tonya Bray at 626.993.4383 or