The mtbchick coaching philosophy is mind, body, soul. Focus and balance lead to success, and we believe we must take care of our mental as well as physical well being in training and competition. All coaching packages provide focus on food (fuel!), physical conditioning and mental training and general well-being. This is how we do it.

Coaching, private lessons and nutrition
Tonya Bray: 626.993.4383 or email:

What  Clients say:

“I highly recommend Tonya to anyone-male, female, adult or youth, wanting to learn to mountain bike or increase your skill level whatever that level might be!” Sandi

“Tonya has resurrected my Mountain Bike skills. I have been riding road and mountain for close to 20 years…In one short session, she improved my handling and cornering skills greatly..I am looking forward to more sessions in the near future…Tonya proves you can teach an old dog new tricks…” Paul

“I can’t say enough good things about Tonya. After hiring her to teach a private clinic for me and a few of my mountain biking girlfriends (most awesome birthday party ever!), I couldn’t believe how much I learned and how my skills improved – even after I had been mountain biking for 3 years. Things that my husband had been trying to teach me for years, I picked up from Tonya in minutes. I love how she understands how women think and how their bodies are different from men when it comes to biking.” Carrie

“Tonya teaches bike techniques in a way that makes sense and quickly translates into real skills on the trail. The group she was teaching had a pretty wide range of skill levels—from beginner to intermediate/advanced. But Tonya was able to help each and every rider improve by leaps and bounds.” Todd


mountain bike private lessons
$100 hourly*
$500 half day*
$1,000 full day *

(All monthly coaching clients receive discounts on in-person coaching and private lessons. Discounts are also available for ongoing clients, or for a series of sessions. Price is for private, semi or group.)

Monthly Coaching Packages
Silver* $150
Gold* $250
Deluxe* $1,000
*includes in-person coaching sessions for Southern California clients. Travel may be extra. Please contact us for a consult.

Bronze $50
For the rider who simply needs a guide to help stay on track! Affordable and easy interactive calendar. Personalized training plan for your busy schedule. Free email and phone consultation included. 25% discount on private coaching sessions of 2 hours or more.

– personalized, monthly online training calendar
– monthly email and phone consultation included
– 25% discount on private lessons 

Silver $150
You want a plan with additional guidance- one 1-hour in person coaching plan included. Interactive training calendar with weekly phone and email with coach. Weekly updates to your plan to stay up to date and on track. Nutrition assessment and guidance included. 25% discount on all in-person coached rides and private lessons.

– One 1 hour in person coaching session
– Personalized, monthly online training calendar
– Weekly email and phone consult
– Nutrition plan as needed
– 25% discount on additional private lessons 

Gold $250
A personalized training plan online with one 2-hour private coaching session and a 50% discount on additional in person coaching rides and sessions. A weekly in person meeting or phone call and email with weekly adjustments to training schedule.
Nutrition assessment and guidance included.

– One 2 hour in person coaching session
– Personalized, monthly online training calendar
– Weekly in person consult (or email or phone)
– Nutrition plan as needed
– 50% discount on additional private lessons 

Full Service $1,000
Unlimited in person coaching, phone calls and emails. Daily emails, calls and adjustments to training schedule.


One Time Plan
Are you riding a Century for the first time? Or the MS 150 and you want to go faster? A one time training plan is a personalized plan you follow to reach your cycling goal without a monthly fee. You get a full plan on an interactive calendar for the number of weeks or months leading up to your special event!

in home consultation Mountain bike chick comes directly to your home to see how you live and eat. She will spend time going through your cabinets, taking full inventory, and put together a good plan including shopping lists, menus, recipes and more to get you on the right track.

menu planning
1 week plan $125
1 month plan $250
Ongoing menu planning discounts available. Includes one-on-one sessions.

*travel in excess of 10 miles extra

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