SoCalCross Prestige Series brings UCI to San Dimas

More than just a race, UCI Kross-toberfest Weekend, presented by Focus Bicycles, brings two days of world-class cyclocross competition, all-age bike events, a classic bike show and swap meet to the picturesque Bonelli Park North Shore on October 2-3, 2010. Fierce racing is sure to be seen as the first California UCI cyclocross event of the season brings some big names of cycling, including 4-time Danish Champion Joachim Parbo and top-ranked elite crossers from across the States. Leading the way is presenting sponsor Focus Bicycles – Team Rapha-Focus dynamic duo of Chris Jones and U23 star Zach McDonald. Zach will be challenged by U23 National Champion Danny Summerhill (Felt/Holowesko), and Morgan Ryan of host TEAM SoCalCross.

Youth reign supreme this weekend as Van Dessel rider Adam McGrath (see McGrath’s CXM column here), Sean Babcock (Kona) and Cal Giant Cycling’s Cody Kaiser will represent some of the best talent in the nation. Veteran Hall-of-Famer Steve Tilford (Tradewind Energy/Trek Stores) will do his best to challenge the young bucks along with Pro Roadie Tyler Wren (Boo Cycles) and Alex Candelario (Kelly Benefit Strategies). Top names also include: PNW CXer Molly Cameron (Portland Cycling), Colorado’s Chris Sheppard (Rocky Mountain/Shimano/Giro/TRP) and top Canadian Craig Richey ( p/b Blue). HRS Rock Lobster will bring a full squad of elite men representing Nor Cal and will go bar to bar with SoCal’s best: Sid Taberlay (Sho-Air), the Australian MTB World Champion, 100+ race winner Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/B&L), National CX Champion Mark Noble (Franco), the Gritters brothers Kyle and Brandon (Rock N Road) and the debut of SDG’s Factory Racing program. This unique west coast mix will make for an exciting race.

On the women’s side, So Cal’s youth will shine on the Pro level. TEAM SoCalCross sisters Kendall and Alexis Ryan (see CXM’s profile of the sisters here) look to match up against Nor Cal’s best CX Veterans, former national champion Sarah Kerlin (HRS/Rock Lobster) and 30+ National Champion Barbara Howe (Ibis Cycles) among them. Look for more VIPs over the coming week! It was Series Director Dorothy Wong’s goal to increase the number of Western UCI elite races and try to bring some balance to the UCI calendar with so much of it going on in the East. With the growth of the sport and the Prestige Series’ popularity, it was a perfect time to bring UCI cyclocross racing West and especially back to California.

The weekend of cyclocross racing is part of the Southern California Prestige Series, the region’s premier source for cyclocross racing. H20 Performance Drink, an avid sponsor of last year’s series, presents the 2010-11 season with twenty action-packed races between San Diego and San Luis Obispo.

The two-day event boasts a bicycle swap meet, a classic-bike show and a Krosstoberfest (join in and bring your favorite costume) bike parade, heath and fitness expo, a cross country run, yoga by the lake and road and MTB rides for the entire family.

On Saturday, October 2nd, meet up and ride your bike from Santa Monica to San Dimas along historic Route 66 – just over 50 miles if you choose to ride all the way from the Ocean to the Mountains – to raise awareness of bicycle and Metro transit options by bike! Saturday night a Kross-toberfest Haus Party will be hosted by Mafia Racing, Ritte Van Vlaanderan and Attack Cycles and will carry the Kross-toberfest celebration into the evening.

And, then back to the races Sunday and more…

Event Type: UCI Race Event Date: Sat/Sun Oct 2-3 2010
Start Time: 8:00AM, expo opens 9:00AM racing begins same schedule over both days. Except Sunday has a 5k XC run at 8:00AM
Venue: Bonelli Park Location: North Shore San Dimas, CA

Full schedule:

Focus Bicycles presents UCI Kross-toberfest Weekend 2010 bringing two full days of cyclocross racing from beginner to world class and Bavarian themed cyclocross party to Southern California! “Feiert Mit Eu’ren Fahrraedern!”… celebrate with your bicycles!
* Bicycle & Fitness Expo!
* Velo-Cross Swap Meet!
* Kids Bike Skills Zone & Kids Cross Race!

SAT 10/2:
* 8:00AM  Meet Up Ride Route 66: Ride your bike from Santa Monica to San Dimas or meet up somewhere in between in support of transportation cycling!
* 8:00AM Race Expo/Velo Swap Meet/Route 66: Classic – Custom Bike Show
* 9:00AM SoCalCross Prestige Series – Day One … cyclocross racing for all levels!
* 3:00pm Kross-toberfest Bike Parade!
* 9:00AM IMBA Kids MTB Ride hosted by PMBC!
* 7:00PM Kross-toberfest Haus Party hosted by Ritte Racing, Mafia Racing, and Attack Cycles!

SUN 10/3:
* 7:00AM Sunrise Yoga
* 8:00AM Team Duke 5k Cross Country Run on the CX course! REGISTER HERE
* 8:30AM Women’s Road Ride Around Puddingstone Reservoir SPONSORED BY JAX BICYCLES
* 9:00AM SoCalCross Prestige Series – Day 2 Cyclocross Action!
* 12:00PM SoCalCross Brewer’s Society Homebrew Competition!
* 2:00PM Kids Kross Fun Race… Hup! Hup!

Men’s Start List as of Wed. 10pm:

  • Yarra, Derek – Box dog bikes
  • Wyandt, David – Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
  • Wren, Tyler – Boo Bicycles
  • Work, Alex – HRS Rocklobster
  • Willard, Ted – Rock N Road Cyclery
  • Wertenbruch, Tyler – SLO Nexus – Gym One
  • Tilford, Stephen – TradeWind Energy/The Trek Stores
  • Taberlay, Sid – Sho-Air/Specialized
  • Syvertsen, brue – De la paz
  • Spiteri, Frank – Peninsula Velo/Pomodoro
  • Snead, Josh Bay – 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
  • Siegle, Jason – Bike Religion
  • Sheppard, Chris – Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Shimano/Giro/TRP
  • Sheek, David – SDG Factory
  • Schooler, Aaron – Team H&R BLOCK
  • Schmalz, Joseph
  • Ryan, Morgan – SOCALCROSS
  • Robinson, Justin – Cal Giant
  • Richey, Craig
  • Prenzlow, Brent- CELO PACIFIC / B&L
  • Poshard, Dean – Rock Lobster
  • Petrov, Anton – SDG Factory Team
  • Odell, Aaron – Bay 101/ HRS/ Rock Lobster
  • Noble, Mark – Franco Factory Team
  • Mills, Adam – KCCX/ Verge Sport
  • Kaiser, Cody – Cal Giant
  • Gritters, Brandon – Rock N Road
  • Gritters, Kyle – Rock N Road Cyclery
  • Ferguson, Jeremy – California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
  • Douville, Gary – Platinum
  • Dodge, Ben – Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
  • Colton, Eric – The TEAM SoCalCX
  • Chapin, Scott – PHRS/Rocklobster
  • Carroll, Donny – Donnys cafe
  • Candelario, Alexander
  • Cameron, Molly – Portland Bicycle Studio
  • Bottger, Frederick – SDG Factory Team
  • Boone, Alex – Pablove Racing
  • Behrens, John – Bailey Bikes
  • Baker, Jonathan – Hudz-Subaru
  • Bailey, John – Bailey Bikes
  • Babcock, Sean

Women’s Start List as of Wed. 10pm:

  • Baumsteiger, Katrina (Trina) – Team Rambuski Law
  • Bray, Tonya – Pablove Racing
  • Chaney, Beverly – Team Roaring Mouse
  • Crawford, Ivie – The TEAM SoCalCross
  • Dimpel, Courtney – Bike Station Aptos
  • Haskell, Devon – Bike Station Aptos
  • Jordan, Sarah
  • Maile, Sarah – Ventana Mountain Bikes
  • Mann, Allison – Rock N Road
  • Popovic, Carolyn
  • Ryan, Kendall – Team CICLE
  • Ryan, Alexis – The TEAM – SoCalCross
  • Schaper, Amanda – SDG Factory Team
  • Stetson-Lee, Teal – California Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized
  • Walberg, Catherine – Team kenda
  • Wong, Dorothy – Team CICLE

For more information contact Dorothy Wong at


Cyclocross has exploded due to the efforts of’s Dorothy Wong and Jeff Herring.  Over the past few years, races have grown from around 150 to 400 yesterday at Oak  Canyon Park, near Irvine Lake in Orange County.  The race, number 3 in the SoCalCross Prestige Series, was produced by Team Velocity of Fullerton, California.

What made the Velocity Cross so much different than any other Cyclocross race in Southern California was the number of women to show up and race, 40 women toed the line in  the amateur categories consisting of Category 3 and 4 women and Master’s 35+. “It was crazy! bumping, pile ups, traffic jams, but no crashes!” exclaims Carlyn Oropez of Team SoCalCross.

At the start of the race, Dorothy Wong took to the mic to rouse the fans and racers.  “Thank you Ladies!” Thanks need to go out to Wong, however, for her undying love and evangelism for the sport of Cyclocross. For the past 2 years, Dorothy has produced a Cyclocross “Early Bird Happy Hour Tour”. The Tour consists of visits to bike shops who host clinics and informational sessions.  Some weeks 3 Happy Hours fill the schedule, and the tent meetings go from Ventura all the way to San Diego.  Special clinics on the weekend have also produced large numbers of not only racers and neophytes in general, but women.

SoCal is not the only area seeing a huge surge in women’s Cyclocross numbers. The Bay Area California has long been a hotbed for female ‘crossers, but the MidWest is seeing large increases as well.  Karen Wells-Hamilton of Bio-Wheels Racing comments, “The Ohio Valley Cyclocross series is busting at the seams!  We had a great turnout for the ladies 3/4 field – only had 3 juniors pass me – now thats a good race.”

Cross is alluring to women because the race is short, the courses are rideable (meaning no treacherous technical sections) and the atmosphere is laid back and fun. “I died a thousand deaths out there,” claims Wells-Hamilton, “but kept backing off & regrouping to charge again. Its amazing how tired you can get and still make it to the finish!”  For all of us out there, we share the sentiment that it hurts, but it is likely the most fun you will ever have in pain.

Most Cross racers are ending their serious seasons in mountain biking and road racing to kick back and socialize and have fun.  For the serious racers, the Category 1,2,3 races offer intense competition between Pros, retired Pros and the future Pros.  For Master’s 35+ winner Sue Thompson (PAA), she thinks “it’s great this sport keeps growing each year, especially in the women’s field. ”  For Thompson, SoCal Mountain Bike Champion, it’s certainly a boost to see the fields grow, improving the competition.

Stay tuned for more information and stories about Velocity Cross!

OH NO!!! Brakes never work on the 'Cross bike! Karen Wells-Hamilton careening towards the off-camber in Louisville! (We're always having fun!)
OH NO!!! Brakes never work on the 'Cross bike! Karen Wells-Hamilton careening towards the off-camber in Louisville! (We're always having fun!)

SoCalCross Race #1 Unification Cup @ Bonelli Park in San Dimas, CA

sccxHomeLogoShimanoThe first race of the season is always a shocker to the system, however, at least we had the voice of mountain biking Larry Longo to soothe our burning brains.  Putting all of the pieces together- the new bike, the mounts and dismounts, the running, the gearing, the brakes that don’t stop.  Add sweltering 95 degree heat, and some grass, and a slippery run up, and you have SoCalCross race #1.

My race went a little like this: start hard and fast, break up the field, then… overheat.  Stop in the wheel pit for some water, cool down, and do it all over again.  This race was so hard. And not because of anything except the heat. I was never able to get back in to my groove.  I stopped in the wheel pit twice each lap to get water, which cost me plenty of time, but I was all to happy to take 3rd behind Coryn Rivera and Kendall Ryan- our best juniors who just returned from racing in Europe.  Keeping it in perspective: these girls are in race fitness, regardless of it being their first cross race of the season.  My friend Dorothy Wong, the Queen of Cross, finished just behind me in 4th.

The women’s 3/4, 35+ field had over 30 racers toe the line, them most women I have seen racing cyclocross in SoCal.  Mountain Biker Christina Probert Turner handily won the women’s 3/4 race on the technical course, with Angela Wimberly (IE Bikes) and Sarah Brodsky (Bicycle John’s Serious Cycling) in second and third. Rounding out the podium were Hannah Rae Finchap and Time Trial specialist Becky Siegel.

Kahala Lagrange rider Amy Hutner ended second behind Maria Fahie in the women’s 35+.  Robin McDonald Foley made a strong showing against the younger ladies in 3rd, with Celo Pacific’s mom and cross racer Denorah Lawson taking 4th. The podium was rounded out by 5th place Christine Lisnock.

Full race results can be found here


Over the Hump Mountain Bike Race, Irvine

The past few weeks have been trying… I’ve been sick, and I’ve had to re-evaluate my cycling plans for the year.  As many of you know, i was gearing up to race the Furnace Creek 508 with another woman, a two-woman relay! I spent 200-300 miles per week on my bike preparing for this race.  It was to be an epic spiritual journey, and I couldn’t wait.  I lost my partner, and that dream was quashed, at least for this year.  All of that momentum has to go somewhere though, right?

I had also planned on racing the Everest Challenge, a race in which you climb the elevation of Mount Everest in the course of 200 miles and 2 days in the Bishop, California region near Mammoth.  This is also a great feat requiring major focus but it was my second goal to the 508and as such my efforts were not 100% towards the Everest Challenge.  After having acquired bronchitis for a week and taking a little too long to recover, I am now rethinking Everest.  If I am healed, I will go!

In the midst of all of this melee, a few of my friends and Team Taberlay mates wanted to go to Irvine to race in the Over the Hump race. Something sorely needed in the Southern California region is a weeknight mountain bike race- akin to the Short Track races in Boulder which are announced by Dave Towle!

I hadn’t decided to race until I arrived.  And I am so happy I did!  This was my first race in a year, and my first mountain bike race in who knows how long, several years!  I was aboard the Cannondale Rize, a 5″ travel all-mountain bike weighing in around 25 pounds or so as spec’d.  It’s also a demo bike, and not my own- not all tricked out and personalized.  However- it was a complete blast!

I also forgot my gloves, and had some good fast rider mojo from Sid Taberlay… thanks, “Mate” for the gloves!  And I have to admit I could have never felt so good out there without my pre-race MRP.

I lead the entire race, with Vicky Chernoff of Sho-Air on my wheel.  I was barely able to lose her on the 3rd lap, but she was still around the corner every lap! We had 4 grueling laps of a mix of short hills and plenty of flats. with some super fun singletrack!

Over 300 racers showed up for this great race, and I suspect about 200 non-racers and spectators were around as well. It was a huge success, and I look forward to more!  Some photos of me on

vintage mtbchick
vintage mtbchick kit, by Jordan May