Furnace Creek 508 :: Persian Onager :: Course Recon, 2 September 2013

I unfurl my yoga mat onto the cool concrete of the patio. I assume Thunderbolt position, sitting on the tops of my feet, and I take a deep breath. To my left, my road bike, a gear bag, tool bag, backpack filled with electronic devices, cooler bag filled with bottles of Skratch and rice cakes, and miscellany stacked in wait for my crew and team to arrive. Balasana (Child's … [Read more...]

Summer 2013 :: mtbchick loves summer!

What can I say? My Southern California Summer has been Spectacular! Living in Altadena brings daily adventure. It never gets old here-- we never get old here. A Gopher a Day We have a bit of a gopher problem. A lone kale plant remains from a family of 8 we planted in spring. The gophers have an insatiable appetite for leafy greens and the roots of all manner of edible … [Read more...]

Idling in Idyllwild :: Mountain Bike Camping

While the Four Seasons suits me just fine, a little car camping never caused me any harm. In my earlier days, I enjoyed camping, backpacking, a little winter mountaineering. I've spent many a night in the back of an Xterra in KOAs across the country. Nowadays, however, I prefer a bed and breakfast to self-inflating mattresses and wood-fired coffee. But I could bend, a little, … [Read more...]

mtbchick in the kitchen :: Paella Valencia in Cast Iron

Having spent my formative years in Spain, my definition of comfort food includes the intricate delicacy of Paella, yet I have never made the leap to attempt a Paella of my own. Now that I have a Camp Chef outdoor stove, there is absolutely no excuse for not giving it a go. Plans were made. And after a long, hot mountain bike ride up the Mount Wilson Toll Road to Upper Winter … [Read more...]

Whiskey Now, Whine Later :: 2012 Whiskey Off Road Pro Race blog by Tonya

My goal for the 2012 Whiskey Off Road was to shave 30 minutes from my 2011 time. I managed to finish the Whiskey Off Road 2011 in just over 4 and a half hours. 4 Hours seemed a lofty goal at the time, but I knew I could manage. I would be back to the best race in the USA- Epic Rides' Whiskey Off Road. An event that draws almost 1800 riders and racers to sip sweet singletrack … [Read more...]