Happy Thanksgiving from mtbchick.com

Happy Thanksgiving! We're heading to the mountains for Thanksgiving this year-- with a Camp Chef stove, boxes of fresh food from the local farmer's markets, mountain bikes, tents, bouldering gear and friends. We hope you enjoy your family and friends and have time to reflect on all that is good in your life. Make this a memorable holiday! We'd like to share a film with … [Read more...]

Write for mtbchick.com! :: Accepting Entries Now (win Oakley sunglasses!)

At mtbchick.com, we're about helping others achieve goals and get a leg up in life. As such, we're offering aspiring photo-journalists the opportunity to write for our site. We're accepting entries beginning 28 October 2013 through 30 November 2013. Here is what we are looking for: The Writer: 1. You ride mountain bikes 2. You live in a sustainable way (e.g., you commute … [Read more...]

Persian Onager Rides Furnace Creek 508 for Bahati Foundation

The 2013 Furnace Creek 508 team Persian Onager is racing for the Bahati Foundation. Each team in the FC 508 must race for the awareness of a charity and Persian Onager, Tonya Bray and Noah Kanter, along with support crew Laura Smart and Ron Matty have chosen the Bahati Foundation. The team, who are racing in memory of Milly Valdes, wanted to choose a charity that focused not on … [Read more...]

Yoga for Cyclists :: 3 Post Ride Yoga Poses

At mtbchick, yoga is an essential part of life. The energy, beauty and strength yoga imparts to the daily routine drives us to take better care of ourselves and our surroundings. Yoga is beautiful because it can be what each practitioner chooses-- a religious ceremony, an athletic endeavor, a meditation, a stretch, a workout, a journey, or a part of a daily routine. We've … [Read more...]

How to Lose Weight :: Part 1

You are the magic bullet in this weight loss project. Not a pill, potion, shake, or a diet. No "Fat free" no "gluten free" (unless you actually have celiac disease), no high protein, no carb-free no fads, just real advice to a healthier and happier you. There are many reasons our country has monumental percentages of overweight and obese population. Many have sought the … [Read more...]