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Giro Women's Helmet Xara and Feather

Love those dots! Giro Women’s Helmet Xara and Feather

“Style is something all of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” Diane von Furstenberg

There is nothing quite like slipping into a DVF dress, but one can’t always wear a designer dress, especially while mountain biking. Instead, one must search like a diamond hunter for the best looking women’s apparel and accessories. Few choices are available, and let’s face it, we don’t want to look like guys when we ride bikes.

I often to refer to the Vermont NORBA Nationals when I was flying down the roots and mud (when I used to be fast!) and I heard a spectator ask if that was a guy or a girl. I was crushed.

So it is with much fervor that I introduce you to the 2014 Giro women’s line of helmets, shoes and gloves. These little hits will spice up your life on the bike, even when dull rules your workday.

Whether you ride dirt or pavement, for fast or for getting to work, you have the style you need to get the job done.

I’ve always loved Giro helmets for their weight (or lack thereof) and their styling, but I can finally say that Giro offers the ladies something better than a swirly baby blue graphic, or a plain pink, or anything that doesn’t scream “I am strong.”

On another note, while this is not necessarily a review for the product, I can say that the Giro women’s gloves last longer than you care to keep them. The Giro gloves are the first gloves I have not found holes or worn out areas, period.

My favorite helmet for serious trail riding is the Giro Feather Women’s Helmet. With myriad choices and ample coverage for the hard core lady rider, this lightweight and stylish helmet is my choice for trail rides. For Cross Country and Road riding and racing, the Amare helmet is the best choice. While it’s not the lightest most expensive helmet Giro offers, it’s truly the best in class. Save yourself a few bucks, look great, and save your brain. The Xara is a great ‘tweener. For dirt, for Rapha Gentlemen’s Races, for commuting, this helmet looks great and provides great protection for every woman.

For gloves, my personal preference is no padding. Padding typically causes me wrist and hotspot issues, so I go with no padding. Therefore, for both road and dirt, I prefer the LA DND. I wear long finger gloves while road riding to protect my fingers and to provide a solid breaking and shifting contact point. I hate sweaty hands on bar tape, grips and shift levers. Alas, this is personal preference. Just check out the options Giro offers, and go crazy!

For shoes: do you Spin? Do you race road? Do you soul ride? Do you ride dirt then grab a beer at the local pub? Giro has the full lineup of shoes, for commuting to road racing. Best of all, everything matches back to the helmets.

Coming from a semi-retired Pro cyclist, this may sound inane. But I’ve always wanted to look good on the bike, and I am happy to announce that Giro gives you the option to look great and hardcore at once. As the mtbchick saying goes, “Soft skin, hardcore.”

Ladies, choose your style, look strong, and ride hard!




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