The Feed Zone Portables :: Skratch Labs’ new Cookbook for Athletes

I’ve been poking around trying new recipes and it’s finally time to share the power. If knowledge is power, then it’s power I’m sharing. If you are or care for an endurance athlete, you need this kind of power.

Thousands of dollars are squandered on terrible, engineered foods that cause gastric distress, and oddly enough, these foods are designed to enhance athletic performance. In the past several years, I’ve been able to completely transition from using engineered “nutrition” to real food. While there may be a time and place for some sort of gel or bar, I haven’t used a gel in months. I can’t remember the last time.

Enter Skratch Labs‘ Feed Zone Portables Cookbook (available at Sport Chalet). The book, by Chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim, contains hundreds of recipes for homemade ride food, or Portables. The portables range from sticky rice cakes– some sweet, some savory– to cookies, pies and other fun bites.

Skratch Labs Feed Zone Portables Cookbook

Skratch Labs Feed Zone Portables Cookbook

I love the rice cakes, but for today’s ride, a 95 mile loop from my front door with 10,000 feet of climbing, I chose the almond cookie.

The almond cookie recipe is safe for most diets, so if you eschew gluten, soy, and just about anything else, you can eat this cookie. I used cow’s milk this go around since we had no almond milk in the house, and the extra protein and calories were not an issue for me at the moment.

The cookies whipped together in mere minutes, and I cooked them in the Camp Chef 3 Burner BBQ box (also available at Sport Chalet). The BBQ box acts as an oven, so we typically roast veggies and bake in the BBQ box during the summer when it’s too hot to cook inside. If you’re like us and have no air conditioning, this makes perfect sense. The added bonus is simply more time outside, and that never hurts.

Skratch Labs Almond Cookie with Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips and Sea Salt

Skratch Labs Almond Cookie with Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips and Sea Salt

When it came to cook time for the cookies, I embellished with some Ghirardelli chocolate chips and a few dashes of Redmond’s Sea Salt. The cookies baked quickly and were ready to eat in about 10 minutes.

The verdict on the recipe is we need more sugar and more salt. We’re not calorie conscious around here, especially when embarking on near Century rides, so the extra sugar won’t be an issue, although we may try adding agave rather than extra brown sugar. But no matter. The recipe is quick and easy, and the cookies tasty.


I ate one cookie with breakfast (in addition to 2 helpings of Spanish Tortilla — recipe coming soon). The almond cookie paired well with Handsome Coffee Roasters in the Chemex, and tasted great on my way up the big climb to Crystal Lake and beyond.

In addition to the cookie recipe, we’ve also tried the blueberry rice cake which is scrumptious. I like to have the chocolate chips slightly melted and prefer once again more salt. For most people, the extra salt may not be good. However if you are an endurance athlete, don’t forget salt, or sodium, is your number one loss with sweat.

After 7 hours roaming the mountains on my road bike, I felt amazing. Between Skratch Labs drink mix and the new recipes, I had all I needed for a long day in the saddle. So long engineered nutrition, hello real food. Ride hard, eat well.

This is what we eat: real food. Join us!


~mtbchick Tonya


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