Race :: 2013 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to ride with the Skratch Labs team at the 2013 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. The people who make up Skratch Labs are an amazing and like-minded group of people. I enjoyed every moment of the weekend. Even the drama.

A 24 hour race is rarely chaos-free. And this was no different.

Our race started as any team would wish, sitting nicely in first place after Jason Donald burned a super hot lap, coming in first after the LeMans style start run, and 2 nd or 3rd overall for the entire first lap.

Mechanicals ensued. Aaron’s crank arm broke in half and ejected from his foot leaving him without a pedal to stand on. Marisa crashed. Alex couldn’t repair Aaron’s crank (a carbon Specialized crank– not compatible with standard cranks/BBs). Aaron flatted on his replacement bike. It seemed as if we were doomed. Jay kept up the cooking. We started in first, fell to 12th and landed in 6th afterall. It was an epic race, and I, since using exclusively Skratch and real food, has zero cramps the entire race.

From the Pueblo, my partner, Alex, and I headed to Lee Vining to do a bit of ice climbing. It was an incredible drive across the vast open spaces of the West. I never tire of the vistas, the expanses, the solitude of the desert.

Please enjoy a small gallery of photos.

2013 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Skratch Labs Team/Team Bacon Power:
Aaron Foster
Jason Donald
Jay Peery
Marisa Asplund
Tonya Bray


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