Chamois Creme :: Lube for your shorts :: Women’s Chamois Cream

Chamois creme, or chamois cream is lube for your shorts. For a primer on Chamois, go here.

There aren’t truly many Chamois in the world of cycling today, as synthetic materials have taken the place of natural. However, like Xerox and Kleenex, the term sticks as the go to word for the pad in your cycling shorts.

As a note: if you are a woman, choose women’s specific or women’s formula chamois creme. Most Chamois creams will have some sort of menthol, mint or other cooling agent which sounds great, but causes a great deal of pain and discomfort for women. Read the ingredients, better yet, stick to the brands below.

If you’ve never used Chamois creme before (and you could be a new cyclist or a seasoned cyclist) now is the best time to begin. Here are a few reasons why you ought to use this slippery concoction, and a few products you may enjoy.

Why use Chamois creme?

1. Saddle sore prevention. If you haven’t had a saddle sore yet, you are fortunate. The more you ride, the more likely you become to develop the dreaded saddle sore. Using the proper cream for your body will help prevent saddle sores.

2. No more chaffing. You may not realize that much of the discomfort from sitting on a bike saddle develops as a result of chaffing. Dry skin rubbing on dry materials or materials that are not slippery to the skin cause rough spots. Creams can reduce and eliminate chaffing.

3. Smoother pedal stroke. I know this seems a stretch, however, think about your chain. Lube allows the chain to move freely and with less friction. Friction makes us slow. Friction in your shorts not only hurts, it slows you down.

If you need more reasons to use Chamois creme, shoot me an email. Really.

Products mtbchick loves:

1. DZ Nutz Bliss for women. The DZ Bliss is formulated for women, and works well for shorter to medium distance rides. For some women, this may be all the cream you need. It’s mostly natural, smooth, and lubricates well. I found that on longer rides where there may be pit stops, the cream tends to wear off, so extra packets in your jersey pockets will help make the full day a comfortable one. This cream also works well and is my preference for apres ride. After showering, apply the cream to the parts which came in contact with the saddle and the pad. You’ll feel refreshed!

2. Okole Stuff. Okole Stuff is my personal preference for Chamois cream. I spend long days in the saddle, and I seriously cannot afford for the lube to wear off. It’s akin to a dry lube on a mountain bike chain when you ride through multiple creek crossings when the Chamois creme is too thin. Okole Stuff can be used in small amounts and lasts all day without replenishment. The presence of tea tree oil also prevents and soothes existing saddle sores. If using Okole Stuff, don’t be too liberal. A little goes a long way as the saying goes.

How to Apply:

You may apply the creme liberally to your body parts and/or to your Chamois. Experiment to see what works best for you. Focus on areas that feel chaffed after rides. Also, a glabrous surface is the best way to fully enjoy the benefits of chamois cream.



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