Giro Sica Women’s MTB Shoe and Giro Aeon Helmet :: Reviews

Matchy matchy for the fashion slaves.

I love the Giro Sica and the Giro Aeon as an ensemble. The matching helmet and shoes have been my go-to for the past year, and I love every minute I’m wearing the two together. They look great, fit great and perform at the highest level. Here are my reviews and photos.

Giro Sica Women’s MTB Shoe

The Fit :: A Narrower, Lower Volume Shoe for Ladies
The first thing I notice about the Sica is the fit. If a shoe can fit like a glove, the Giro Sica does just that. I have a narrow and low volume foot, so finding the right shoe is extremely difficult. While I did use the Giro SuperNatural Fit System foot beds to improve the support for my high arch, the shoes in general fit snug, but not uncomfortably so. There is plenty of room in the shoe for a good custom orthotic, but I found the Giro footbed with the high arch support to be sufficient.

The Feel :: Stiff, yet easy to walk and run

Shoes that are too stiff are often clunky and uncomfortable on the ground. Not so with the Sica’s Easton EC70 Carbon soles which provide great power delivery. While the upper is soft and comfortable, the soles hold up their end of the deal. The shoe is extremely comfortable, and with hundreds of miles, there was never a numb toe, pinched upper foot and slipping heel.

One characteristic that sticks out in my mind is the ease of walking and running. As a mountain biker, I often find myself at the mercy of fallen trees, impassable rock slides and the like, thus, on my feet from time to time. Nothing is worse than having slippery shoes that don’t have a good rocker tread. The Sica outperforms in its class. These shoes are portage-friendly.

Running. You may only find yourself running off the bike in a cyclocross race, or in a mountain bike race from time to time. The Sica will carry you through effortlessly. The sole provides a rocker motion that eases the task of running on super stiff soles. This reminds me of a greta pair of Scarpa double boots for mountaineering. Stiff is great and all, but if you can’t actually move in them, they become cumbersome no matter how lightweight.

The Gripes

I have but two issues with these shoes. 1) The toes need a toe guard to maintain their beauty and 2) if the shoes get wet, they will develop that musty-clothes-sat-in-the-washer-too-long-smell. Be sure to air these shoes and dry them using newspaper in the shoes and place them in front of your fireplace, oven, wall heater, space heater or hot water heater to dry.

This Shoe is For You…

If you are a recreational rider, these shoes will offer you years of enjoyment. For every day riding these shoes are a no-brainer–  if the price tag doesn’t deter you. For racers, I love the shoe. While I am still waiting for the highest end of Giro shoe to be made available in women’s fit, these shoes fit very well for the hard core racer. This shoe would be my first choice for cyclocross.

The Sica is also available in Black and Teal. See the shoes at

Giro Aeon Helmet

Comfortable and Light, Great in Hot Weather

This 222 gram beauty is my helmet of choice. It fits perfectly and I can barely tell I am wearing a helmet. This helmet is perfect for mountain biking in the summer; it provides just enough buffer of heat from the sun but it is lightweight and has enough vents to actually cool your head while riding. The straps are so comfortable– light and thin– eliminating the irritation of normal weight helmet straps. The low profile buckle offers a sleek look and a comfortable feel.

My gripes about this helmet are few. I would like to be able to remove the straps completely from the helmet in order to wash them. And I would like the option of a visor. A visor may sound a little silly for the lightest helmet on the market, but the visor provides extra sun protection– keeping harmful UV rays from creeping in the top of your sunglasses. It is truthfully a medical issue. As a cyclist who spends hours in the sun every day, I need that extra insurance against sun damage on my eyes.

What It Comes Down To…

Does it fit? Your head and your budget? Go for it! If you are a racer, this is the perfect helmet. For all-mountain or more trail rider types, you may opt for a beefier helmet, mountain bike oriented helmet. The Aeon is compliant with US standards, but extra protection on the advanced and  extreme trails never hurts.

Pick your color and find all the technical info here on the Giro web site.


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