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Specialized S-Works MTB Shoe for Women

All I want for Christmas is a brand new pair of Specialized S-Works Mountain Bike Shoes made for Women! These beauties arrived last week, and here is a first look. We’ll post a review once we’ve had them on the dirt for a month or so. Specialized continues to keep ahead of the competition with Top of the Line products for Women. We here at mtbchick.com are not biased towards Specialized although it may seem so, except that Specialized is responsive to Women: feedback, needs, wants, desires and the media.

The first impressions are positive. There is enough room in the shoe to fit a custom insole. The sole is stiff, really stiff, and the feeling of power transfer is noticeably better than other shoes we’ve tested. Walking around is a tad clunky, but the upshot is that the treads are replaceable.

Stay tuned for real weight and more information on this top of the line shoe for women.

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