Bewilderment in Altadena

Hello mtbchick Friends!

I pedaled over to my local coffee house, Coffee Gallery this morning only to find it closed. No power. Altadena is going on its second full day without power and clean-up after the big wind storm.

Southern California was swarmed with unusually strong Santa Ana winds Wednesday evening. The San Gabriel Valley was hit particularly hard, downing trees, knocking out the power and generally wreaking havoc on the area. Peak winds were clocked around 97 miles per hour on Whitaker Peak, according to the LA Times. Whitaker Peak is near the Castaic Lake area North of Los Angeles on Interstate 5. More local wind blasts were up to 60 miles per hour.

My time online is limited for the moment, but everyone is fine, we’re just learning to adjust to life without power, and we don’t know when we’ll have it again– and busy raking leaves and carrying branches and replacing the privacy fencing that blew away. I still can’t find the top of my garden table, which was an old piece of plywood placed on top of two saw horses.

The good news is we have hot water and gas, so we can live just fine. A hot shower feels good, and at least we can cook and clean.

Pasadena and Altadena lost many trees in this storm. Pasadena is a tree city. Each street in Pasadena is cloaked in one type of tree, be it Live Oak, Ficus, Chinese Elm, Orange, Deodar Pine or any other variety. The city and people lost many historic trees, and it is a sad time for that.

I’ll post photos when I am able.

More later, and more about some of the awesome rides from this week at a later time!


~mtbchick Tonya


  1. Hey Tonya
    Sorry to hear that you re still without power. It didnt hit us that hard around Reseda… at least not as far as i can see.

    Do you ride the streets or the mountains?

  2. Hi! We ride both streets and mountains. Glad you survived the storm! I believe everyone now has power in the San Gabriel Valley as of yesterday!

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