No Holiday Weight Gain! :: Sign the Page and Make Your Pledge!

The Snow Puffy of Paalaa Kai Bakery in Waialua Hwaii.

Each year as the sun edges further and further to the South, we cuddle up in blankets with hot chocolate and eat rich foods, something our Paleolithic ancestors would have done in order to gain fat for warmth and fuel stores. With the proliferation of food in general, and more notably our sedentary lifestyles, we cannot follow our ancestors in their ways of eating. We must break free and take better care of our bodies– not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones.

Holiday weight gain is unnecessary and harmful to us, yet each year we pack on between 2 and 10 pounds. Each year, those pounds stick around a little bit longer, and sometimes they never go away.

The best way to lose the weight is to never gain it, and that is what this pledge is all about. We love our bodies, and you should love your body as well. You are important, and your health is important. So let’s come together and pledge to skip the holiday weight gain this year!

We’ll get you started with a few tips, and add your own in the comments section as you sign the pledge to yourself and your loved ones to make this a weight-gain-free holiday season!


1. Connect your brain and stomach. Before you begin eating, place your hand on your stomach to make a connection between your stomach and your brain. Be mindful of your level of satiety while you eat. It will be easier to stop eating before you become full.

2. Take a hike. Walk after dinner each evening, even if it is just 10 minutes. And while you’re at it, walk before breakfast. 2 brisk walks per day will help you with active recovery from workouts as well as give you a little metabolic boost. It’s better than heading to the TV set.

3. Be picky. Don’t eat just because it is there. Turn your nose up at sugary treats, second servings and foods you know will instantly attach themselves to your hips. If you train yourself to eschew foods that are not healthy, you won’t eat them.

4. Remember the French. Three bites are all you need to taste a food.

5. Do not skip workouts. If you can’t ride on holidays, run, walk, do pushups, jumping jacks, anything to be active.

6. Think before you eat too much protein. Meat is difficult for our bodies to metabolize, and we only need small amounts of protein– even as athletes! Adding too much meat to your diet will back up your digestive system, so keep protein servings few and far between.

7.┬áDo not put candy on your desk! And save your money and don’t even buy the candy. Save your sweet tooth for dark chocolate or a piece of homemade apple pie on the actual holiday itself– not in between!

Hopefully these tips can help get you motivated, and we’ll add more as they come along! Add your own in the comments as you sign the No Holiday Weight Gain Pledge! And stop back in for support– give some and take some!


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