mtbchick love to Steve Jobs :: Apples of my Eye

“What? What? No!”

My out-loud reaction to reading the headline on yesterday morning was followed by tears. I wasn’t exactly sure why the passing of Steve Jobs elicited tears and exasperation, but it did. I don’t think I had ever thought about– before that moment– how much Steve Jobs had impacted my life, and how close I felt to him and his life simply through using products he had masterminded and believing in his vision for himself, life in general and his company.

“He is our god.”

It was in the early 1980’s when our schools had the Apple IIe. At home, it was the Apple IIc. In one of my middle school projects, I vaguely remember starting a company called “Banana Computer”. Not creative, really, but it was in those early years I fell in love with the rainbow Apple that will always be my favorite rendition of the company logo, and at that time was becoming interested, whether or not I knew it, in design.

From the Apple IIc, we moved to the Apple IIGS at home. I never owned a Macintosh, but many of my friends in college did. It was the most desirable machine in the dorm. From there I owned one of the first widely available MacBooks, a PowerBook G3, a PowerMac G3, and the lime green clamshell MacBook, which was stolen. To replace the stolen clamshell, I picked up a PowerMac which I still have. I upgraded to the MacBook sometime in 2006, and I currently use this same MacBook.

With this hardware, I have been able to play Lemonade Stand and Oregon Trail, deisgn, design fliers and cycling jerseys, manage photos and promote women’s cycling. Apple, at the very bottom of it all, has made possible.

I had the first women’s cycling web site and online journal (I had a blog before the word blog existed!), and was able to reach thousands of fans before the existence of social networking.

The iPod changed the way I build my Spin classes. In 2001 when I began teaching Spin, I made cassette tapes! My first iPod was an original that was traded for a set of Mavic CrossMax wheels. From there I upgraded to the iPod video which I still have and use. I also won an iPod mini at the local Von’s grocery when they had their Grand Opening. I’ve been through probably 6 or 8 pairs of iPhone headphones– to use with the second release of the first generation iPhone. After I dumped water on that iPhone during a training ride, I upgraded to the iPhone 3G which I still use, although she has had about enough abuse and I may have to upgrade soon.

I’ve never been the early adopter, but I always stay just enough abreast of the new technology that it works for me. Apple has been in my life as long as I can remember the computer, and I hope to have Apples in my life indefinitely. is my life, and it is something that has been in my life since 2000. None of this would have been possible without Apple. would not have been possible without Steve Jobs. It is this realization that caused the shocking emotional outpouring yesterday morning, I am sure. Now more than ever, I feel urgency to finish the redesign of mtbchick. Using Apple products, I will bring the next generation of mtbchick to you very soon. The wait will be worth it.

Thank you Mr. Jobs and may your journey be peaceful and pain free.

~namaste, Tonya, a.k.a. mtbchick


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