The First Thing I Grab :: UVEX Chad Sunglasses

Here at headquarters, there are more than enough pairs of sunglasses laying around from which to choose on any given day. From fashion to funk-tion, I’m all about it. Why “funk”tion rather than function? I am not at all a total utilitarianite. Things must look good. Thus I introduce to you the UVEX Chad.

Sporting the UVEX Chad shades with the UVEX Boss Race at Rim Nordic.

The sporty and sexy look of the Chad works for me, in addition to the technical aspects of this piece of eyewear.

1. 100% UV exclusion. The UVEX name actually came from UV Exclusion. And this is important when it comes to cycling eyewear. Anything less than 100% and your eyes will develop sun damage. This is undetectable to the human eye, and can only be seen by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The UV protection is integrated into the lens material and is NOT a coating. This is important: if cycling eyewear has a UV coating, it will wear out leaving your eyes open to damage.

2. Litemirror technology. Litemirror gives the lenses a bit of a shiny mirror look- not too Hollywood silly mirror, but more of a subtle and sexy mirror. The mirror, which won’t blind the people you have in conversation, effectively reflects infrared light away from the eyes. I am convinced this is why I can ride comfortably with clear lenses in the direct, blazing sun, which leads me to:

3. Dégradé. This lens technology is the gradient of the lens which begins at the top of the lens and lightens towards the bottom of the lens. This offers complete glare protection and I also believe this is why I can ride these glasses in any light comfortably.

Super groovy and sexy, the UVEX Chad off the bike.



I have fairly light eyes. Any amount of outdoor light causes me to squint, so I always wear eye protection. The problem with darker lenses is this: I can’t see in the trees while mountain biking. If I wear a lens dark enough to take away the painful brightness of the sun, I crash into trees and slip off the trail due to shade blindness. The UVEX Chad takes right care of that problem for me. The lenses are light enough to ride comfortably in the shade, and comfortably going in and out of the shade on my mountain bike– downhill.

In addition, the lenses give me enough protection from the bright sun to wear in full sun, perhaps on a road ride, or on one of the local brutal mountain bikes climbs in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Fogging. I have had zero problems with fogging on the Chad, at least while moving. While riding in the clouds, i have had to pull the glasses off when I stop to keep them from fogging, but it certainly hasn’t been an issue while moving.

Wind. One reason I love these glasses so much is the wind protection. They are fully sealed around the eyes and even from the side there is wind protection so my eyes never tear while descending. This is extremely important since I wear contacts.

Comfort. Feel is also important. The nosepiece is soft and adjustable, the earpieces the same. Fit can be customized easily. I forget I am wearing them.

The bottom line is that the UVEX Chad is the first thing I grab when I’m running out the door and jumping on my bike.

If you have further questions about the UVEX Chad, ask away!

If you’d like to buy these bad boys and you don’t have a UVEX dealer near by, go here!




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