Oakley Split Jacket Review :: Jawbones for a Lady

Now that Oakley has succeeded in placing Jawbones on every face in cycling, it’s time for the Ladies to jump on board with a better fitting, sleeker and much sexier Jawbone style eye protection called the Split Jacket. Technically, the Split Jacket is “Asian Fit”, meaning it’s not a women’s specific piece, but suitable for anyone with a smaller than average face.

The Split Jacket ($200) is a smaller version of the Jawbone that offers the same features with a narrower profile, shorter lens; a petite version for petite faces, allowing ladies to not “just perform, but perform beautifully.”

Oakley Split Jacket, matte black with Black Iridium and G40 lenses

I have been enjoying the Jawbones for the last two years. They fit well and keep the air out of my eyes on long and fast descents. I was excited to try the Split jacket since the Jawbones are a tad too large for my face.

The Split Jacket looks great, especially in the Matte Black. The Black Iridium and G40 lenses offer a great range. I choose the Black Iridium for road cycling and sunny days, and the G40 for mountain biking. As always, the Oakley optics are second to none, and the crisp, clear perfectly balanced light keeps my eyes from tiring– no squinting, no major adjustments to light conditions.

For my face, I felt there was a little too much space on the bottom of the lens, and air was getting into the glasses on descents, causing some tearing. This is really a fit issue, and depends largely on the shape of your face and cheeks. Breathability on climbs is the upshot to that issue however. I had no fogging issues.

I do enjoy having a shorter frame on the top so my eyebrows are not completely hidden and I look more like a human than a bug. I like Oakley technology since the UV protection is in the lens itself, and not a coating. This means the UV protection will never wear out on these lenses. This is very important: many lenses from other manufacturers use UV coatings which can wear out. At that point sun damage can occur to your eyes.

With Oakley’s Switchlock technology, it is extremely easy to change lenses. No bending the frame, just unlock and load. These stylish shades come with a nice hard case, the Soft Vault, to house both sets of lenses and the frames.

In conclusion, I love these glasses. They look great, perform well and are a nice if small change from the Jawbones. For more technical information about the Split Jacket, visit the Oakley site.



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