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It’s a rest week here at, after a long and grueling training block comprised of a 5 days in a row mountain biking, and 2 full weeks of some of the hardest days of training I’ve endured since retirement. What does it all mean? Rest weeks can be boring. Days off the bike or short recovery rides leave much time and energy to be expended (that is after sleeping inordinately long hours and dragging for the first few days). Boredom, after leading to the garden, usually leads to time on the internet. And time on the internet leads to shopping. After browsing around, I thought I’d share some of the best deals out there right now for the Ladies of Cycling! Enjoy!

Luna Sport Baseline V-Neck Regular Price: $55.00 Special Price: $38.50

I love this piece- I wear it out and about, mountain biking, as a base layer, for yoga, working in the garden, shopping, around the house. It’s made of  100% Merino wool, and it’s truly softer and more durable than cotton.

Luna Sport Moon Buggy Short Regular Price: $100.00 Special Price: $70.00

You cannot go wrong with these incredible shorts. I’ve actually spent a great deal of time riding and testing these shorts and I can recommend them without hesitation. The most important feature of these shorts is the incredible inner short. It’s short, fits well, does not provoke rolls and sausages, and is the perfect size for mountain biking and commuting around town. And they look great- the outer and the inner short!

Iral Cycling Knicker from by Etxeondo Was $164.95 Now $119.99

I love Exteondo. Exteondo is classy, sexy and sleek, truly European in design. These knickers are year-round worthy and great for rides short or long, road or mountain. The minimalist chamois in these knickers is so pleasing to the underside, and so refreshing in a world of giant chamois with extra padding in all the wrong places. The miniscule pad, which is not tri-tiny, but cycling tiny, is the answer to chaffing, hot spots, saddle sores and so on. So much so that I finally simply wore these tights into threadbare oblivion. I like knickers for the cool air knee protection, the hot weather sun protection and the general comfort- no worries about sausage leg with knickers! Everyone looks great!

UVEX Onyx Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet at REI Regular Price $70+ Now $55

I must admit that UVEX helmets are the most comfortable on the market. With pads and straps that remove fully for washing and a retention system that is easy to adjust, it makes the perfect accessory for any cyclista. I like the Onyx for freeride days, when I am on a trail bike in baggies. I love the visor- it helps lessen the effect of sun blindness while descending, and helps prevent sun damage to the eyes.

Well that’s about it for today. These are just a handful of essentials, and we’ll post more as we find them!




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