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It’s lunch time, and you haven’t any time. Rather than grabbing junk food to go, spend 5 minutes preparing a delicious an infinitely healthier meal.

Most likely, there is a can of tuna in your pantry.  You likely also look at that can often, moving on to look at something more tempting. Canned tuna will never take the place of a freshly caught Ahi steak, but in a pinch, and especially in a budget pinch, a can of tuna will provide nourishment as well as a surprisingly delicious meal.

While we wish every meal could be an incredible gourmet feast, it’s simply not possible. However, we can turn the dull into delicious, and here is one way we do that here at!

Bare Bones mtbchick Tuna salad sandwich
prep time: less than 5 minutes

1 can of tuna
Olive Oil (1-2 tablespoons)
Capers (to taste, a small spoonful or so)
Kalamata olives (4-5)
Dijon Mustard (1 small spoonful)
Apple Cider Vinegar (a splash)
Lemon juice (Meyer lemons offer a nice sweet juxtaposition to the savory of the tuna)
Sea Salt
Fresh ground white pepper
Mix ingredients in a bowl. Serve on your favorite bread, toasted if you have time and access to a toaster or an oven. Add baby lettuce as a layer to the sandwich if desired.

mtbchick Tuna Melt
If you have an oven or toaster oven at your fingertips, add some hard cheese such as a Pecorino-Romano, shaved to one side of the sandwich, and toast both pieces of bread, one plain, one with tuna and cheese on top to create a delicious tuna melt!

add to recipe above:
1/4 sweet onion minced and one clove of garlic, pan fried in butter (cast iron) or olive oil
fresh herbs such as Thyme
Diced hard boiled egg (if you like eggs)
Diced orange pieces, about 2 slices of orange (this is another way to counteract the savory of the tuna)

At the Office
Make this tuna recipe ahead of time, place it in a reusable container, and take it to work with you. Take a nice baguette or other bread, and toast the bread before adding the tuna. Voila! A quick, easy delicious lunch at the office! Add an apple for dessert and you have a complete  and healthy meal to get you through the afternoon, and ready for your after-work ride.

Eat and enjoy!



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