Amy Dombroski :: Crank Brothers New Little Sister

Amy Dombroski is one of the most well-rounded female cyclists in the US right now– one of the few who can boast of National titles in mountain bike, road and cyclocross. And with a full schedule and a handful of goals in 2011, she is persists in her pursuit of pedal perfection.

Dombroski is also one of the few female cyclists who can say she was on the Luna Pro Team (the top domestic women’s mountain bike team), as well as Webcor Builders, one of the top domestic women’s road teams. And now, for Amy, it’s time for something completely different.

Amy Dombroski's Ibis Tranny.

With her Pro experience and her personal expectations, Dombroski has partnered with Crank Brothers and Ibis Bicycles to create the Crank Brothers Race Club. The Crank Brothers Race Club is about conjoining style, design and cycling, according to Dombroski. And to help develop and promote the USA’s female cyclists.

The team is a bit like Amy herself. The focus of the team is World Cup racing– be it mountain or cyclcocross. Domroski’s 2011 schedule is filled with World Cups and even the 2011 Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships. “We’re covering it all,” says Amy.

Amy Dombroski's Ibis Tranny. Tiny bike packs a tremendous punch. Photo: Corey Keizer

While Amy is the sole rider so far this year, there is a plan for 2012 and beyond for this women’s off-road team. Riders who have an eye for style and design in addition to being top riders will be the best prospects for the Crank Brothers Race Club.

The team bike is the Ibis Tranny, and Tranny meaning “transition”. The bike is singlespeed and geared compatible as well as a travel bike with removable rear end for travel ease. (For more about the bike, see the Ibis web site). Team equipment is all Crank Brothers and SRAM components.

Amy Dombroski waiting for the 2011 Sea Otter Classic Pro Women XC race to begin. Photo: Corey Keizer

Dombroski made her 2011 mountain bike racing debut in April at the Sea Otter Classic. After finishing her cyclcorss season at the beginning of February, she needed some time off and missed the early season of domestic mountain bike racing.

“My season has started 5 or 6 following weeks after everyone else’s,” Amy says. She is skipping a few weeks of XC World Cup and the Mellow Johnny’s Pro XCT for some training. “I’ve got get some miles right now.”

Although Amy is racing a handful of cross country World Cup races later in 2011, she says “the summer’s going to be about getting ready for cyclocross season. It’s going to be a bunch of training”

Amy’s main focus for 2011 is making the US Worlds Cyclocross team. “I have a big focus in the Cyclocross World Cup this year.”


Amy Dombroski. Photo:

That means she’ll likely be consuming copious amounts of Pommes Frites, tasting some Westvleteren and savoring a bit of chocolate after those long hard cold Belgian training rides this fall.

Stay tuned for more about Amy, and in the meantime visit her web site





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