Sea Otter Classic :: Goodies Part II

Portable wine for the mountain biker, cyclist and climber.

The Clif family spends enough time outdoors to know it’s too cumbersome to carry around a bottle of wine. While it has been done many a time, it’s just no longer necessary with the Clif Climber Pouch. 1.5 liters of Cabernet or Chardonnay ($17.00) will charmingly compliment your apres-ride efforts. The Pouch has a nice carrying handle as well as a carabiner hook for the mountaineers. To purchase the Clif Pouch, visit the Clif Family Winery web site. Here you can purchase a bottle or two, or join the Clif Wine Club. Wine Club members receive invitations to VIP events including wine tastings, the annual harvest party and receive special perks at Velo Vino in St. Helena, CA. Velo Vino is a place for cyclists to start a cycling tour or holiday in the Napa Valley. Cycling and wine never had it so good!

Forget the energy bars, gourmet nuts and mixes to pair with wines from Clif.

If you find yourself detesting thoughts of energy bars, you are not alone. While the Gary & Kit mixes may not be the perfect race food, they are the perfect ride food. Especially if you have a Clif Pouch full of cab. Take along Gary & Kit’s Gourmet Mountain Mix ($7) made with mostly organic and sustainably farmed and produced foods. Shown here is the mtbchick favorite Roasted Pistachio & Almonds tossed with Rosemary. Each mix suggests a wine pairing to enhance your enjoyment. Gary & Kit’s can be purchased on the web site as well, so make a package of it for your next big ride, or for your next wine pairing event.

My photo editor, Tigger.

We had to give a shout out to our photo editor, Tigger. He is working tirelessly to get the Sea Otter coverage photos edited and uploaded. It’s quite a job, especially if you are a gregarious yet lazy cat such as Tigger. Sea Otter has clearly nipped at his nap time, we’ve got to find some catnip fast!

The Sid 29er World Cup Shock, with Greg Herbold looking on. Photo: Corey Keizer

Greg Herbold (famous for winning a multitude of mountain bike races and for his starring role in “Tread”) presented the big news to media at Sea Otter: the big unveiling for SRAM/Rock Shox at Sea Otter was the Sid 29er World Cup edition front shock. Why does this matter to the average mtbchick? Performance and weight savings. The concept of bike to body weight ratio is an important one, and when it comes to suspension there is always room for improvement. Since a 29er (29 inch wheels versus a normal 26 inch wheeled mountain bike) bike weighs more in general– not only the frame, but the wheels, fork, tires– a light rider must pay attention to the details. The Rock Shox Sid World Cup weighs in at 1,582g or 3.48 pounds.¬† The RockShox Reba 29er is 1,718 g or 3.79 lbs meaning the Sid World Cup is almost one half a pound lighter. So go ahead and eat that chunk of Manchego with your Taylor Fladgate 40 year tawny and enjoy that¬† and get a new front shock! (OK, or your Stone Belgo Cali-Belgique and your pommes frites)

Did you say lightweight? The all new Magura M8 brake lever. Photo: Corey Keizer

Speaking of lightweight. Magura is on a tear with the all new lineup of hydraulic disc brakes. What makes the Magura lineup so impressive is the new technology– included in the enrty level brake system as well as top of the line M8. The new technology is an all crabon master cylinder. It sounds great, but what does that mean and why does it matter to me? The master cylinder is the piece inside the brake that actually engages and pushes the hydraulic fluid through the brake line to activate the brake pads. At Magura this piece is made from carbon with 0% waste, which is especially important to the mtbchick sustainability desk. The MT8 is 278g with rotors and retails at $399. The lineup has 4 brakes, the MT2 being entry level and priced at $129 (the other brakes are the MT4 and the MT6).

The Magura MT8 with Storm heat dissipating rotors. Photo: Corey Keizer

The new styling for Magura. Sleeker and tougher with HPT (Hollow Pivot Technology). Photo: Corey Keizer

The all-new Bontrager XXX Shoe. Photo: Corey Keizer

While not available in women’s sizes yet, we love the look of these Bontrager XXX shoes. They are eye candy. And you may have seen the Subaru-Trek team sporting the podium-shoe version of these around the pits.

Sexy! Photo: Corey Keizer

Naturally, carbon. Photo: Corey Keizer

That’s a wrap on round 2 of Sea Otter goodies. Stay tuned for another round, more great lightweight gear and some cool things we think you’ll like!

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