Idle Hour :: Los Angeles Mountain Biking

The usual suspects (Alex Boone (Trek 29er Crew), Brian Provost (Old Grapes), Sid Taberlay (Yeti/Easton) and Vu Le) hit up one of the most beautiful trail rides in the San Gabriel Mountains. A soul rider for the cross country cyclist, Idle Hour offers steep climbs, remote wilderness and speedy descents. This time around, the wildflowers caught my eye. Here is a look at the flora and some of the fauna of this beautiful canyon.

The mountain bike is the perfect catalyst to enjoying nature. It has always amazed me– how great the mountain biking in Los Angeles is. The San Gabriel Mountains offer a variety of bioregions surely a buffet style feast for any geologist, botanist or the like. For the mountainbiker-philosopher, the San Gabriel Mountains, Mt. Lowe Railway, Mt. Wilson and the connecting singletrack trails offer plenty of fodder for thought. I hope you enjoy the following images!



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