Goodie Box :: Hydrapak, GU and Ryder Eyewear

Here are few products you should check out!

GU Roctane is the choice for racing with a host of amino acids. Flavor and taste are always key, especially for racing. I love the Vanilla Orange, but Cherry Lime is so tasty, and even better than a Sonic Cherry Limeade!

Gu Roctane, Pineapple, Vanilla Orange, Blueberry Pomegranate and Cherry Lime

GU has also created the fit-in-your-jersey-pocket electrolyte drink mix tablet. Great for emergency situations!

GU Brew tablets, perfect first aid for your long ride bonk! Peach Tea and Lemon Lime in the photo.

Ryder Eyewear has the solution for that cyclist who is constantly losing eyeglasses, stepping on them or leaving them on top of the car… with price points of $39.99, you can afford to look hot and stop worrying about losing a pair of $300 shades!

Ryder Eyewear, afforable and stylish

Nice styling on the Ryders.

Ryder shades also come with cleaning bags and in some cases a case to hold your shades and spare lenses!

The Hydrapak Reyes comes in my favorite color combination: Orange and Red. The 100 oz reservoir is perfect for the long hauls. The main compartment has a zipper pocket, key hook and a shock pump pocket. On the outside, plenty of cool pockets and straps to carry all your long haul needs. The reservoir is easy to clean and open and close. The hose detaches from the bottom of the bag again for cleaning ease. The Mouthpiece end has a magnet to ease drinking. Just pull it off the magnet to take a sip, and lightly place back on to put it away. A great looking and fun pack!

My favorite color combination. Hydrapak Reyes.

Key hook, zipper pocket inside the Hydrapak Reyes.

The magnet that keeps the mouthpiece in place while you ride!

Detachable hose on the Hydrapak Reyes.

Hydrapak's easy to clean and easy to open bladder system.

Check these items out at your local bike shop today!



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