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While pizza is still a mtbchick mainstay, I have been experimenting in the kitchen quite a bit of late. As the weather warms, it almost makes sense to have tomatoes. The incredible flavors of heirloom tomatoes come to us from local farmer’s markets as well as Trader Joe’s. Tomatoes are actually more valuable to us nutritionally lightly cooked.

Mini heirloom tomatoes. Tasty, tiny packages.

I added half an onion and a few cloves of diced garlic to a hot, olive oil coated cast iron skillet. Next these sliced mini heirloom tomatoes, sliced kalamata olives, and in the end a giant pile of chopped arugula. The extra olive juice from the jar turned the veggies into a nice pesto-like sauce that found itself piled on top of al dente linguine. The cheese was forgotten, and honestly, not missed with such an array of fresh and lively flavors.

Mini heirloom tomatoes make the base for flavorful pasta sauce.

From time to time I like to add tofu to the diet. A great protein alternative with a nice texture if properly prepared. My favorite way is to dip in lemon juice, coat in a mixture of flour, rosemary salt and pepper and cook to crispy in olive oil. It serves well picatta over pasta. The aforementioned kalamata olive juice also makes a nice flavor to pan fry tofu. I prefer Trader Joe’s organic super firm… it holds together under pressure and cooks heartily.

From time to time, organic tofu provides the protein.

Fish tacos are a staple in Southern California. Could be fried, battered in beer, grilled or seared. We took Albacore Tuna and grilled it. The traditional sauce found on fish tacos (to my understanding) is made with a liquid cheese and sometimes mayonnaise with milk added. Sometimes sour cream. I opted for what I had in the refrigerator which was non-fat plain yogurt. About a cup of yogurt with the juice of one lime, a healthy sprinkling of Oklahoma dried peppers and cilantro produced a tangy, spicy ,incredibly delicious sauce edible on its own. Adding some raw sheep’s milk cheddar, mini heirlooms and arugula, these are most likely some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had.

Albacore fish tacos.

So much taste, so little fat.

Arugula has become a staple. Added to salads, sandwiches, pesto and other sauces, it enlivens every dish to which it is added. While this batch is store bought, there is a fair amount growing in the side yard garden.

Arugula, a sculptural, spicy leaf, works in many ways.

Last week was an incredibly tasty week. Hopefully this week tastes even better.

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