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The sun rises in 2010

The sun rises in 2010

For many, the all important Personal Ritual of New Year’s Resolutions has become a trite game of whispering white lies in our own ear.  This is in simple form, Procrastination.  The reason Resolutions are truly an amalgamation of our procrastination is because these are things we have put off, and put off and put off until a monumental date occurs when we can say, “Now I am finally going to do this thing I have been putting off for a year, or two years or 10 years!”

This means Resolutions do not work is because we never Owned that resolution, we never believed in it in the first place, and we never had any intention of doing it.

I challenge you right now to sit down and create real Resolutions for yourself.  Not the “I want to lose 10 pounds” “I resolve to quit smoking” and so on and so forth, unless these are things you would die for. Or in both cases, die because of the habits you have.

In reality, making changes in our lives has to come from deep within, from desire and from our core.  If  you do not have that deep rooted desire, you can’t have the goal. Many things in our lives can change, our weight and our bad personal habits, if we change or look at our personal philosophy.

Going back to Personal Ritual, it is so important for us as humans to have rituals. Graduations, showers, weddings; these are all rituals that create a cohesive community.  For ourselves personally we must also have rituals.  For many, a cup of coffee in the morning is a ritual. So what about New Year’s Resolution?  Make it a Personal Ritual.

So what kind of New year’s Resolution should I have if I am not going to make it “lose 10 pounds”? you ask?  These are goals we may set for our selves, but the goals are separate from the Resolutions.

My Resolution for 2010 is:

“to live my life on purpose, with purpose, to not waste time, and to be be mindful and conscious of my actions and words, body and mind, soul and spirit”

Through my purpose and my awareness, weight loss, shedding of bad habits and molting of old skin will naturally occur.

So make this an annual Personal Ritual. Sit down with yourself, with a pad of paper and pen in hand, and get to your core, and Resolve to make a difference in your life. Write that Resolution down in a few places, and carry a card with it in your wallet to keep yourself aware of what it is you intend to do in 2010.

Next up:

Keeping your Resolution(s).


-Tonya, “mtbchick”

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