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Each year for Christmas, my Grandmother sends me a Gallon sized Ziploc bag stuffed with fresh Pecans from her Oklahoma Papershell and Native trees-Pecans which she has carefully cleaned from the shells. There is nothing on this planet as good as fresh Pecans, and as such, I seek out the best way to enjoy this Southern delicacy- without killing it in sugar.  These Pecans are good enough to eat raw and plain, so doing too much with them is a waste of fresh- may as well buy store pecans.

When presenting my recipe dilemma to a good friend and vegetarian, he suggested Pecan-crusted Tofu steaks.  I do have a fancier version of this recipe I will perhaps try out on him, but for tonight’s intents and purposes, a quick stir fry made more sense, especially in the absence of my Personal Chef.

Today’s recipe is vegetarian, but could be made with chicken or without Protein altogether as a side dish. There are many embellishments one could think of to complicate this recipe up a bit, however, the purest, most delicious concoction is what I present to you today.

The recipe is designed for an athlete, but is the perfect healthy choice for anyone seeking a seasonal and obscenely delicious meal. You can taste all of the flavors individually in these fresh ingredients, and like a bold Symphony they come together so well you’ll be screaming “Bravo” and begging for an encore!

Pecans Done Right
Serves 1 as a meal, or 2 as a side dish
Total Time: 15 minutes
8 Sweet Potato spears (easy version: buy bagged Trader Joe’s fridge section)
6 Brussels Sprouts (same as above). Shredded.
1 oz Trader Joe’s High Protein Organic Tofu- Extra Firm
1 Clove of Garlic, chopped.
One Handful of fresh Oklahoma Pecans, placed in a small Ziploc bag and smashed.
Spanish Olive Oil from Trader Joe’s, or high quality extra virgin olive oil
Redmond’s Sea Salt

Drizzle olive oil in hot skillet, add Sweet Potato Spears. Cook on one side until brown, turn over and add tofu. Cook tofu and Spears, add oil if necessary.  Add Brussels Sprouts and Garlic and toss- cook Brussles Sprouts until they are a bright green, add oil as necessary. Toss in the Pecans, and “stir fry” for an extra 1-2 minutes until the Pecans give off a fragrance. Sprinkle with the Salt, and serve.

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