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  1. Hey Chick!
    My current mountain bike heros are all guys (huge Jeff Lenosky and Wayne Goss fan)! Are there girls to put on the list who are awesome on a bike? The only video I could find of a girl dirt jumping was literally a girl just doing jumps. No flips. No spectacular handling of any sort. Do they even have Women’s Trial Biking?

  2. Hi Jade,
    We call it “Trail Riding” and yes women do it! There are plenty of videos of women with spectacular handling. We’ll see what we can round up for you and post it on the site. There is a small group of women who are doing backflips right now. Aside from that, I’ve ridden with some of the best, including Lorraine Blancher and Leana Gerrard. And from my perspective, I give huge props to any woman who does jumps! (You won’t see me doing any jumps or backflips!)
    Thank you for your comment, and we’ll let you know when we post the vids!
    By the way, there is nothing wrong with having male heroes!

  3. Hey mtbchick!

    i am wondering what would be a good entry level mountain bike for my wife? she has had a big box store roadmaster womens bike forever, and she is ready to move up to something that doesn’t weigh close to that of a Abrams tank.

    i am a fan of trek bikes and was looking at the trek 820 WSD, but was wondering if there is something along the same lines we should check out? we originally had a budget of 200 but if i can get a new trek for 300ish we may go that route.

    thoughts comments ideas?

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